Fresh Start

I have now made a start on my proposed book “WATER a friend & foe” working out firstly the book formating which will be 8″ x 10″ landscape of approximately 140 pages, consisting of images which will be consistent with the narative and complete with captions, location details and where possible EXIF and post capture information, the narative will be comprehensive and consistent with our uses of water particularly in our leisure pursuits.

This image is of the proposed book front cover.

Book Cover

New Efforts

I have now made new headways into promotion of this and future books (Photo-travelogs) by becoming involved with “” @ :- maybe it will not do as intended but I feel I need to give it a go, it is a free facility.

My goal is to make still images on an early Period Style film set And to write a photo-travelog of the experiences. I am currently writing a photo-travelog on the subject of “WATER” and all the natural good and bad connotations, including its’ positive and advantageous uses devised by the civilised societies of the world. This Portfolio is a glimpse into some of the images I propose using, and why they are so poignant to the whole subject of our obsessions with water.



I’ve just produced a new web page to showcase some of the image types I will be publishing in my new book, Constructive feedback is always welcome and would be very much appreciated.

I also added a more appropriate Header prepared from an image from Grasmere.

Views of Bowness-on-Windermere


Made some progress today with my book project with a start on the draught of my forward page, although not yet complete.

Waters Chemical compound H2O

  • My proposed book is about general aspects of water and it’s properties, and more particularly how it is used by us humans on a daily basis it’s help and potential harm to society. Water covers 71% of our planet and earths surface and vital to the life of all living things on it, 96% of it resides in the oceans of the world in the form of a saline solution the rest of which 2% in standing groundwater on the land mass, in Rivers, Lakes and man made Reservoirs in the form of fresh water, the rest locked into the northern and southern icecaps.
  • Water in three states: liquid, solid and (invisible) water vapour in the air. Clouds are accumulations of water droplets, condensed from vapour-saturated air. 
  • A LIQUID at temperatures above 0 °C at sea level, but it often co-exists on mountain tops or at sea level in its solid state, ICE when the temperature is below 0 °C Water also exists in a gas state as CLOUD form from water saturated air.



My day has started out bad, with last nights passing over of my dear Mother-in-Law, my wife Irene is beside herself.


Had quite a productive day today, No work done on my book project but got confirmation my images uploaded to ALAMY 12/01/2013 have passed quality control and ready for annotation. It took me two or so hours to annotate each image separately and prepare them for sale. These images were all taken in the Lake District a couple of weekends ago and all are a bit atmospheric. The Best part of my day was this morning when I had to visit the dentist 😷 to have a permanent repair made to a tooth temporarily repaired 2/1/13 after it broke in half on new years day, my dentist decided the temporary job was good for another few months so why mess with something thats OK, this is when I felt a BUT coming on, and sure enough I needed a filling on tutherside, it took from 10-30am to 3-30pm for the numbness to ware off. Two minute jobs are always ten minutes in reality so I’ve not been too bright today, tomorrow is a new start 😴


Today I am making an effort sorting images into categories for use in my proposed new book. The weather is as predicted “SNOW” and it doesn’t look like improving any time soon, my intentions for tonight were to attend a lecture entitled “Exploding Myths or The Nature of Creativity” it’s been called off. The inclement weather and the distances to be traveled by the lecturer, Steve Gosling dictated this decision, for anyone interested his work can be seen at his web site here

  • SEA

My aim is to produce a coherent set of images using the above categories but not necessary in the order set out here and exploring the many uses of that commodity we all take for granted WATER, art in general tends to use water as a means to romanticise the landscape as with J W Waterhouse’s  “the Lady of Shallot” after the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and reminiscent of John Everett



Millais “Ophelia” and whilst a sad story of suicide the flowers and the water emphasise the lovers demise making it quite a romantic image because of the location. The image by Millais to emphasise water for waters sake is the river image made in oils on canvas and in 1876 at Rumbling Bridge at Perthshire Scotland.Image

“The Sound of Many Waters” by J E Millais.

This is the type of work I would prefer to peruse, making water the main subject of the project and how we interact with it, for the good and bad, fun and danger it provides us with, and not just an enhancement of the main image

.ImageDeck chairs to hire for your comfort by the sea. “FILEY” East Yorkshire.

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