I am in the process of producing a new book based on “LIQUIDITY and MOVEMENT” reactions of  water and why, as an Island nation we are all drawn to it like iron to a magnet. It holds so many mysteries that it becomes an irresistible lure, when we feel compelled to interact with it on all possible levels.


My first Photographic/travel book   “ITALIA and it’s Seven Classical Cities”  contains 182 pages and 218 images in an 8″ x 10″ landscape format, A photo travel log tour of the seven classical cities of Italy, Venice, Lucca/Pisa, Florence and Chianciano, Assisi, and Vatican City, Rome, and Siena, Florence and Rome two amazingly lively mirrors of the past. An amazing travel and photographic experience. not to be missed by artists or art lovers, a truly inspirational journey.  Those people interested in seeing it, it can be pre-viewed here at this link :-

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