Had quite a productive day today, No work done on my book project but got confirmation my images uploaded to ALAMY 12/01/2013 have passed quality control and ready for annotation. It took me two or so hours to annotate each image separately and prepare them for sale. These images were all taken in the Lake District a couple of weekends ago and all are a bit atmospheric. The Best part of my day was this morning when I had to visit the dentist 😷 to have a permanent repair made to a tooth temporarily repaired 2/1/13 after it broke in half on new years day, my dentist decided the temporary job was good for another few months so why mess with something thats OK, this is when I felt a BUT coming on, and sure enough I needed a filling on tutherside, it took from 10-30am to 3-30pm for the numbness to ware off. Two minute jobs are always ten minutes in reality so I’ve not been too bright today, tomorrow is a new start 😴

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