Made some progress today with my book project with a start on the draught of my forward page, although not yet complete.

Waters Chemical compound H2O

  • My proposed book is about general aspects of water and it’s properties, and more particularly how it is used by us humans on a daily basis it’s help and potential harm to society. Water covers 71% of our planet and earths surface and vital to the life of all living things on it, 96% of it resides in the oceans of the world in the form of a saline solution the rest of which 2% in standing groundwater on the land mass, in Rivers, Lakes and man made Reservoirs in the form of fresh water, the rest locked into the northern and southern icecaps.
  • Water in three states: liquid, solid and (invisible) water vapour in the air. Clouds are accumulations of water droplets, condensed from vapour-saturated air. 
  • A LIQUID at temperatures above 0 °C at sea level, but it often co-exists on mountain tops or at sea level in its solid state, ICE when the temperature is below 0 °C Water also exists in a gas state as CLOUD form from water saturated air.



My day has started out bad, with last nights passing over of my dear Mother-in-Law, my wife Irene is beside herself.

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