Getting There Slowly

I Managed now to get most of my design work, introduction and forward completed, a day with the photography tomorrow. Things are moving ahead good so far, Here’s a pre-view for you all.
A Friend & Foe
Why friend ? well we all know we need water to survive, generally in it’s liquid form, water to drink, to cook our food, to wash, to keep our cloths and environment clean, that must be friendly. Most friendly of all is that we use it for our recreational pursuit.
Recreational use of fresh liquid water is mostly connected with reservoirs and rivers, where water from some reservoirs is released and timed to enhance boating, others are adapted for anglers, water skiers, nature and bird reserves etc and swimmers. Rivers have a natural fast and slow flow dependent on the terrain in which it passes through and some even provide white water, extremely fast flowing water which could be considered a foe. Water for golfers on golf courses can also probably be classified as a foe, who wants to drive a golf ball into the water ? you surely don’t have to be a golfer to see the difficulty in knocking a golf ball out of the bottom of a man made lake with a short stick when up to your thighs in water.
Why Foe ? well, in the main frozen water can be considered a foe causing water pipes to burst, electricity cables to break under its weight and when it all thaws away unprecedented floods turning streets into rivers and rivers burst their banks turning surrounding agricultural land into lakes, in it’s semi frozen state “Snow” it’s cold, wet and downright depressing like rain which can also be classified as foe for the same reasons, in it’s frozen state “ice” it’s very dangerous causing a potential slip and fall sustaining serious injury but never the less still a friend among our leisure activities, we use it for tobogganing, skiing, skating and many other pursuits.
For all of these pros and cons and many many more we still have this affinity to it’s lure and as photographers particularly those who pursue landscapes and seascapes it presents us with magnificent reflective sunsets at sea or lakes providing some of the most enigmatic romanticism ever caught on film or ccd and in all it’s forms it has that unquestionable ability to produce natural beauty any time of year warm or cold, all we as photographers have to do is find that which nature provides for free. What follows are my attempts at just that. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT HAS MUCH AS I DID PRODUCING IT.

White Water

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