is the title of a photographic project relating to coastal erosion and the effects, if any, posed by tourists and tourism on the British coast line, with their total disregard for the environment or the dangers it poses, to both them, and their children, all in the name of a holiday or day trip to the seaside, The photography is particularly relating to the Yorkshire coast line, these particular images are aimed at the rate at which the land mass is being eroded at an alarming rate and being claimed back to the sea, here at Cayton Bay things are bad but this coast line on the Yorkshire Wolds all the way down to Withernsea and beyond on the Holderness coast is suffering the same fate, this subject was close to my heart and proposed for my Dissertation and degree (BAHons) work which I produced over an 18 month period to enable me to compare tide to land conditions and their effects on the environment throughout the whole of 4 complete seasons and all the various coastal activities.

The images were made on Ilford Pan F. 50 ASA 120 Panchromatic Monochrome roll film, and 6 x 6 medium format Rolleicord TLR camera,

Fraying at the Edges

Fraying at the EdgesFraying at the Edges

Fraying at the Edges

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