Hi Folks,

Has you are all probably aware I’ve been very ill on and off over the last few months having great difficulty shaking it off, I am now thank goodness feeling much better and looking forward to a holiday, a holiday which has been booked for two or three months now to St Ives Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, we are going with a coach company (W A Shearings Holidays) which will make my life much easier and something to look forward to without the stress of the long drive from Yorkshire, we have been on holiday with this company many times in the past and are confident of an excellent experience and a good time, the only downside for me has a photographer is the inability to explore the many quaint fishing villages only accessible with your own transport but we can’t have everything we want in this life or I would be sporting a Nikon D4 on my travels.

When I return from holiday I will be spending a good number of days on post capture image adjustment, which means lots of computer and Nikon NX2 Work after which I hope to post some here with a word about our holiday experience. Then it’s back to the business of my at the moment shelved book project.

In the meantime here are three images taken in my garden earlier this month of the Roan Tree in blossom backlit by early morning sun and the leaves of the Water Lilly on our garden pond. ENJOY

garden plants "spring" garden plants "spring" garden plants "spring" garden plants "spring"

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