Finding Inspiration

Collecting Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Digley Reservoir from the Isle of Skye Road

Digley Reservoir from the Isle of Skye Road

My great friend and local artist Jeff Beaumont, has his first book published in the next few days and I was honoured to be asked to produce the photographs to adorn the cover. The book represents and showcases the style and type of watercolours attributed to Jeff over the last number of years, Mainly produced and sourced in the “Holme Valley” they bring life in bright summer light to their subjects, and I feel they are much brighter and pleasing on the eye than those of his local contemporary who also makes watercolours of the region with his studies of the vast moorlands in excellent winter moody light.

Much of Jeff’s work includes commissions with which he creates much diversification and added skill into his work, a much sought after artist and I hope his book gets him more recognition for his work.

“Jeff painted my two cats (one sadly passed away two years ago) and captured their personalities totally” Here is a painting he made on a day visit to the farm at Temple Newsome sadly it burned down shortly afterwards. Sounds like he was responsible for these two unfortunate incidents but I can assure you all he wasn’t.  Jeff’s latest exhibition is at “HOLMFIRTH CIVIC HALL” 11/10/2013. well worth a look.

Pulled a Bird.

Pulled a Bird.

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