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Hi All.
Thanks for your comments on Faeryland Grasmere, I’m afraid I must disagree with the cropping out of the foreground, in my opinion it is part of the composition of the whole, which would fail without it. I also think in its’ present state contrasts and counters the high colour intensity creating a mono effect which looks a little false.
If I had to remark, and I will, in critiquing the image, it would have to be on how bad the enhancement of the whole image has been done, and, by over doing the ambience the whole image has suffered, how do you think the latest attempt has faired ?
I have been involved in photography for many more years than I care to remember and are somewhat of a traditionalist, never the less I have had to succumb to the use of Digital Imagery which, I must admit to the great enjoyment it brings me, and, because of the necessity to make minor adjustments to the captured images (colour correction,sharpening and brightness/contrast) I have needed and still need to use post capture software, my preference is NIKON CAPTURE NX2, which is a powerful if somewhat basic RAW converter software built around the photo capture equipment I use, “NIKON”.
Most photographers I know use PHOTOSHOP which is a software designed initially for graphic designers and found to fit snugly into the post capture manipulation of digital photography, a process I prefer to call PHOTOSHOPOGRAPHY which can change things from “What you see is what you get” to “What you saw is not necessarily what you get” and I have a tendency to knock the process because I’m not good at it, I am practicing though so watch this space.

faeryland-grasmere January 2013

faeryland-grasmere January 2013


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