Major Hardware Malfunction.

I recently upgraded to Apple’s “free” upgrade, MAVERICKS, an upgrade that doesn’t provide a great deal extra for the regular user of the Apple Mac computer proper, just, in my opinion a load of gimmicks, gimmicks that are neither here nor there for general use but seam to be causing problems with peripherals i.e. WD desk top Drives.

As a user of WD (Western Digital) Desk top hard drives, one is a “1TB My Book for Mac” and one is a “3TB My Book for Mac” which have both worked perfectly well for months, the 3TB I bought in Aug 2013 as a storage device for my photography work of which there is plenty, because the 1TB drive was almost ¾ full.

I transferred all the saved data on the 1TB drive to the 3TB drive making it the storage drive, I then made the 1TB drive into a backup drive working with “time Machine” and “WD Smartware” leaving my 27″ 3.2GHz iMac with 4GB memory to do the photographic work, with the storage and back up taken care of in the WD 1TB and 3TB My Book for Mac desk top Hard Drives, Everything was fine until four days ago when the backup drive disconnected itself, Notifications informed me of this immediately and I reconnected the drive only for it to happen again at which point I rerooted my backups to my computer and 3TB drive, which have worked OK ever since.

I took on board the general advise given by WD on this subject quote:- “If you have already upgraded to Mavericks, WD recommends that you remove these applications and restart your computer”unquote, I was in this situation having already upgraded to MAVERICKS but my 1TB drive has failed anyway and until I get further advice from Western Digital I shall have to stay has I am and hope my 3TB drive continues to operate. I have now backed up my photographic work to my computer proper just in case I have another major.

I am unable to find a cause for this problem, it could be MAVERICKS which instigated it or it could be a malfunction that would have happened anyway so I’m reluctant to start downloading the likes of drivers and software. The next question is will this 1TB drive repair in a cost effective way or, will it be cheaper to buy a new one.

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