Photographic Negative Scanning

As a photographer I am fully aware of the long and laborious task of scanning a Negative and Positive film archive, particularly a large one such as mine, 20,000 35mm Mono and 12,000 35mm  Colour, plus a few thousand 35mm Positives, not to mention an archive of medium format colour and mono which need to be stored within a digital storage system, “NIKON VIEW NX” the system I use together with “NIKON CAPTURE NX” for my NEF file processing.

At the advent of digital imaging and my involvement in both media (Film & Digital) I was using a Nikon ice Coolscan MK111 which gave and still gives magnificent results for such an old piece of kit, but at snail pace and impractical for the archives I posses, and I fear commercial scanning would be prohibitive. I have been looking but without success for some sort of scanning devise capable of doing this job at a more acceptable speed and quality with no real results, UNTIL.

A few weeks before Christmas I received an email from “” with various sale items advertised, one of which was a film scanner cheap £56-00 and said to give adequate results for my requirements.



Image Sensor –5 MegaPixel CMOS Lens – 3600DPI (Interpolated) Slide Format – Scans 35mm Slides, 35mm Negatives and 110 Negatives LCD Screen – 2.4″ Full Colour Preview Screen. Tidy-away flap design Trays – Includes 1x 35mm Slide Tray, 1x 35mm Negative Tray and 1x 110 Negative Tray Power – Powered from USB port or Lithium-ion Battery Compatibility – PC & Mac Compatible. Stand alone device Colour Balance – Auto Balance with Colourbright Technology Focus Range – Auto Focus with Backlight Exposure Scanning Speed – One touch preview, 0.5 second scan speed, 2 second in AP enhance mode Dimensions – Small Compact Footprint. (l x w x h) 100mm x 100mm x 150mm Interface – High Speed USB 2.0 (Not USB 1.1)


Compatible with all Windows & Mac as a stand alone memory device – See more at:

  • Lithium ION rechargeable battery
  • Bundled 2GB SD card
  • 2.4 inch preview screen
  • Preview your image on the colour LCD screen
  • High-resolution, 5 megapixel scanner
  • Fast, one-touch scanning takes just one to two seconds
  • Optional USB connection for Mac and PC
  • Portable design with ultra-small footprint
  • Auto-exposure and colour balance
  • Mirror, flip and rotate controls
  • Scans colour and black & white slides and film negatives – Works with all SD and SDHC cards up to 8GB
Convert all your old negatives and slides direct to SD Card. No PC or Mac Required, but also PC and Mac compatible. With added convenience of full colour 2.4″ LCD screen. Comes with bundled 2GB SD.

Transfer 35mm slides and 35mm & 110 negatives onto an SD card with the standalone VFS-008 Smartfix scanner.


(if I can scan my archive as a medium size backup say (12 x 8) it will meet my requirements the item has yet to arrive and be assesed and when that is done I will report to you all my thoughts on it’s capabilities. 

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