Druids’ Temple

In the early 1980s my wife and I happened quite by accident on one of our many and varied photoshoot days, to come across a druids temple, for the faint hearted amongst us this came as a massive shock, it’s not the sort of thing you expect to see on a Wednesday afternoon stroll in the woods, I had never seen Stonehenge at that time and still haven’t, I need to add it to a must do before list.
Miniature Stonehenge Druids Temple (folly)

Miniature Stonehenge Druids Temple (folly)

As I said this was Wednesday afternoon (our day off work)  it was as I remember a breezy day, warm and no one else around, we parked our car and went for a stroll into the forest camera at the ready, you can imagine our surprise when we stumbled across a Druids’ Temple in a small clearing, “THE EERIEST FEELING OF MY LIFE” and I still to this day remember it, the rustling of the tree tops, the quiet that seemed to get noisier, in what was then a small clearing in a large forest, It’s quite amazing how our mind tricks us into believing the worst. The following images are part of my ongoing attempt to archive my vast photographic negatives collection via my new digital scanner, mentioned in my last blog.
Miniature Stonehenge (folly)Miniature Stonehenge (folly)

column of stones symbolising the 12 signs of the zodiac

column of stones symbolising the 12 signs of the zodiac

Entrance to the inner sanctum and Alter area

Entrance to the inner sanctum and Alter area

Whilst doing more research on this temple I have found it is now commercialised together with the whole estate, with a hotel facilities and country life activities. 
More Information Here:-   http://www.theswintonestate.com
In the pine forest near the village of Ilton, the principal settlement in the civil parish of Ilton cum Pott, North Yorkshire, and recorded in the domesday book as Ilcheton, meaning “settlement of a man called Ylca” lies a folly a reproduction of a Druids’ Temple, and replica of Stonehenge built in about 1800 by William Danby son of a clergyman of nearby Swinton Park,
Above is a tall column of stones symbolising the 12 signs of the zodiac. And the Temple itself basically in the shape of two circles with monoliths. The first large circle, contains 4 monoliths and a central monolith phallic symbol. Behind 3 stones forming a screen is an antechamber, then a circular chamber which contains a Sacrificial Stone and beyond this a tomb.

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