Blast from the Past

Great Triptych shot of an old classic,

“Aston Martin DB5” The props star of 1964s “GOLDFINGER”

The 3ʳᵈ James Bond 007 film staring Sean Connery.

Image provided by :-  Stuart Murphy BA(Hons)
Aston Martin DB5 Classic car seen in the film GOLDFINGER with Sean Connery.
Aston Martin DB5 as seen in the 007 film GOLDFINGER staring  Sean Connery.

 I remember the car doing the rounds in the early 70s when I took my eldest son who was about 4 years old to see it, it was on show at what was at that time “Grahams Garage” a local Ford main dealer next door to Batley Variety Club, now the Frontier Club, and the garage an Indian Restaurant. Robert was thrilled with the car and all it’s wonderful attachments, bullet screen which covered the back windows, the half shaft extensions with their 4 bladed cutters and the guns which protruded through the front side lights, not to mention the ejector seat. Fantastic, we could only afford the Dinky version but Rob was very happy with it. Great images and blast of the past.

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