I must first of all offer my apologies to all the people following my blog, “A photographic tour of the seven classical cities of Italy” for the amount of elapsed time between the last posting and this last posting of the series, which I hope you all enjoyed the series and should you wish to purchase the various format Book it is available here. 


A view over the countryside of Siena

A view over the countryside of Siena

Out of bed early, had breakfast, checked out of the hotel at 7-30am and now arriving at Milan railway station 8-45am after a pleasant trip in light traffic from what was our final night in Italy, we boarded the TVR train at 8-45am where we were introduced to a new courier who would ensure our return train journey to Paris was a pleasant and trouble free experience. We made the same time on the return journey as we did in the outward journey and arrived stress free in Paris at 4-45pm where we disembarked the train and transferred to a coach for our final leg of the day to northern France and an overnight stay, arriving at 9-00pm. The French hotel was disgraceful and the food was inedible, they received plenty of complaints from our group who were all ready for a good shower and an equally good meal, “It didn’t happen” thank god we were only there for a single night.

We made good time the next morning joining our pr-booked ferry at Calais at 10-30am and sailing at 11-15am arriving at Dover after a pleasant and smooth Chanel crossing at 1-00pm GMT boarding a coach to Coventry at 1-30pm and arriving at 4-00pm tired. After a short break we were off again on another coach to Yorkshire arriving at 8-15pm where we collected our car and drove home arriving by 9-00pm, We decided to have a Chinese Meal in our local restaurant, a couple of beers and home by 10-30pm and straight to zzzzzzzzzzz. 

Final Review

This whole tour for me from start to finish was spellbinding, looking back in retrospect what a magnificent job the tour Company did, (a company we complained to on our return, regarding poor hotels and food and for it’s rugged and intense itinerary which was too much in such a short time 20 days would have been more suitable) keeping track of all our luggage for which we were only required to pack and have available to the couriers on hotel change days, placed outside our room door not to be seen again until the next hotel.

Our expectations of this pending travel experience back in May 2007 were exciting, and, having traveled extensively in Greece and on her many beautiful Islands we had high expectations for Italy, We were not in the least disappointed, this holiday experience (despite the difficult itinerary, bad hotels and food) has been the most tiring, exciting and emotional 10 days of our lives, Italy is the most exciting, lively, enigmatic mirror to the past “2500 years of past” I have ever had the good fortune to visit and whilst it was only for Ten days, six days really when you extract the extended traveling time of four days, from Yorkshire to Milan 2 days and Milan to Yorkshire 2 days, taking all that into account our itinerary was extensive and vast and above all expected to be worn out by the end of the journey from Yorkshire to Milan 2 days, we were not wrong, but the experience Was amazing. We stayed in our first Italian hotel at Venice for two nights, Venice has left us speechless except for “WOW” every place we visited after Venice was increasingly amazing, no one place better than the other but all having that extra WOW factor for what ever reason.

As I sit here writing this last part of the review I can’t help thinking back five years to our time in Italy, and it still brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye leaving me again totally speechless, (good job I’m writing)

For those people who read this travel and photo log, be inspired you won’t regret it. 

For you people who are beach and poolside sun worshippers stay away you’ll hate it.

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