TRAFALGAR SQUARE is owned by the Queen in Right of the Crown and managed by Greater London, while Westminster City Council owns the roads around the square, including the pedestrianised area of the North Terrace. It forms part of the North bank of the Thames business improvement district. My wife and I visited on the 17 June 2015 the first time since the 70s, what a great experiance and much the same as I remembered it, with the exception of the lack of the famous pigeons. None or very few of these ubiquitous birds were to be seen anywhere around and this was something hard for us to understand, pigeons don’t just up sticks and leave they are part of life, it goes without saying they are just there.

What looks like an

What looks like an “Alien” levitating on Trafalgar Square

Whilst contemplating this bewildering fact and watching what appeared to be levitating aliens on the terrace in front of the National Gallery the crowds of people on the square seemed to have been made aware of something strange happening, and then we saw it, a Large FALCON and its’ handler, the very reason for the lack of pigeons, this company of falcon handlers were there flying their birds to keep the pigeons away naturally and without causing unnecessary suffering, again proving the general love of animals and nature by the British people.

A bird of prey used has a deterrent to control our ubiquitous pigeons.

A bird of prey used has a deterrent to control our ubiquitous pigeons.

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