TENBY, South Wales

We just got home from a great holiday in Wales, unfortunately the weather could have been better but it wasn’t too bad to keep us in, and we managed a couple of trips in the area not least to Pembroke to see its’ Castle and birthplace of Henry VII . Here is an image of St Catherine’s Island in the South bay of Tenby captured from Castle Hill, Below which is the Castle at Pembroke.

St Catherine's Island, Tenby. Taken from Castle Hill.

St Catherine’s Island, Tenby. Taken from Castle Hill.

Pembroke Castle, Pembroke, South Wales

Pembroke Castle, Pembroke, South Wales

During the reign of Elizabeth I, the Earl of Pembroke (“Jasper”, the uncle of Henry VII) was the owner of St Catherine’s Island. Later, the ownership passed to the Corporation of Tenby, which took possession of a number of crown lands. It is recorded in 1856 that a few sheep inhabited the island. An observer described them as “half wild sure footed creatures that run, turn and look, run again and leap from crag to crag almost with the agility of the Alpine Chamois”.

For many centuries a tiny church was the only building on the Island. The remains of the church were demolished when the fort was constructed in 1867. Information on the finds discovered during the demolition can be found at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery. Since the construction of the fort the island has had several owners.

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