Scarborough South Cliff

South cliff Scarborough

February, and after a bad start to the year things are beginning to improve, We are slowly recovering from the passing of Sussie 10 days ago, she has had a good life over the passed  20 years but time and age caught up and she is now at rest with Mickey who passed over in September 2010 after a good life spanning 25 years. A new start for the year begins with a weekend at Scarborough’s South Cliff and we are both looking forward to the break and change of scenery despite it being winter and miserable weather, we are also looking forward to exploring the South Cliff area, a place we haven’t spent a lot of time in unexplainable really considering the amount of time we have spent at Scarborough and in fact the rest of the East Coast of Yorkshire since the 50s.


Where have they all gone ?

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