A Moment of Déjà Vu


SEASCAPE Looking South from Marske-by-the-Sea to Saltburn-by-the-Sea

The beach at Marske-By-the-Sea


A beautiful little fishing village and a moment of “Déjà vu” for my wife and I, directly we drove onto the Cobble landing we immediately recognised the place from a past visit on a rainy day. Today was bright and dry with photo opportunities galore around the village and the seafront and harbour side (from where this image was captured) we unfortunately only had an hour or so to get our chosen shots most of which were captured with the intentions of making mono images post-capture which are now completed and look stunning.


SEASCAPE Marske-by-the-Sea

        Marske-by-the-Sea is on the North East Coast of North Yorkshire and   Cleveland between Redcar and Saltburn, a stunning part of the world for photographers and artists alike, This image is one of ten or so we captured in this sleepy little fishing village on the harbour’s cobble landing where the row of tractors are not only for manoeuvring the fishing boats (which don’t look like they’ve moved for a while judging by the grass under them) but it seams they are instrumental in the fishing operation, when they are backed up to the sea and the winches fitted at the rear of the tractors drag the nets back to the shore line, I don’t think this work is done on a commercial basis anymore but I would love to see it done, Marske is a very picturesque place and well worth the visit to the North East of England to see it, in a place where the whole area is stunning.



SEASCAPE From Redcar looking South to Marske-by-the-Sea

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