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I have now got to a point where I need to decide in what order I construct this book and to locate and edit the imagery I intend using, the introduction page with image is now complete and mapped into the book design work. HERE’S A PRE-VIEW.

Chemical compound H₂O
This book is a photo-travelog of the general aspects of water and it’s properties, and more particularly how it is used by us on a daily basis, it’s help and potential harm to society. Water covers 71% of our planet earths surface and vital to the life of all living things on it, 96% of it resides in the oceans of the world in the form of a saline solution the rest of which 2% is standing groundwater on the land masses of our continents, in Rivers, Lakes and man made Reservoirs in the form of fresh water, the rest locked into the northern and southern Icecaps. Water can and does transform itself with changing weather conditions and consistent with those weather conditions into three different states :- Liquid, it’s natural state at sea level and at temperatures between 1° and 100°C. Solid, snow and ice a change of state occurring when temperatures dip to freezing 0°C and below and vapour (invisible) in the air when temperatures increase to over 100°C. Clouds are accumulations of water droplets, condensed from vapour-saturated air.
All these changes happen in a natural habitat called EARTH and they are all necessary for our well being, ALL meaning every living ORGANISM, ANIMAL and PLANT on the planet, and ourselves the HUMAN ANIMAL who makes more use of this recycled commodity than any other, I say recycled because thats just what it is, water evaporates from the standing water on the land and the oceans of the world and rises into the atmosphere as vapour at temperatures above 0° C and continues to rise until the reduction in altitude temperature changes it back to water when it falls out of the sky as rain or snow, and back to the land where it drains back into the standing water where the whole sequence starts over.
The natural human affinity with water can be seen in the image opposite, where people are just stood about the waters’ edge gazing into the vast and soothing call of the seas’ attraction and appealing lure. This phenomena appears to be the case when ever we are confronted with any mass of water be it sea or lake and through this project I would like to demonstrate through photography the friend and foe aspect of it’s title.

Watching the great expanse.

Watching the great expanse.


I’ve just produced a new web page to showcase some of the image types I will be publishing in my new book, Constructive feedback is always welcome and would be very much appreciated.

I also added a more appropriate Header prepared from an image from Grasmere.

Views of Bowness-on-Windermere


Today I am making an effort sorting images into categories for use in my proposed new book. The weather is as predicted “SNOW” and it doesn’t look like improving any time soon, my intentions for tonight were to attend a lecture entitled “Exploding Myths or The Nature of Creativity” it’s been called off. The inclement weather and the distances to be traveled by the lecturer, Steve Gosling dictated this decision, for anyone interested his work can be seen at his web site here

  • SEA

My aim is to produce a coherent set of images using the above categories but not necessary in the order set out here and exploring the many uses of that commodity we all take for granted WATER, art in general tends to use water as a means to romanticise the landscape as with J W Waterhouse’s  “the Lady of Shallot” after the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and reminiscent of John Everett



Millais “Ophelia” and whilst a sad story of suicide the flowers and the water emphasise the lovers demise making it quite a romantic image because of the location. The image by Millais to emphasise water for waters sake is the river image made in oils on canvas and in 1876 at Rumbling Bridge at Perthshire Scotland.Image

“The Sound of Many Waters” by J E Millais.

This is the type of work I would prefer to peruse, making water the main subject of the project and how we interact with it, for the good and bad, fun and danger it provides us with, and not just an enhancement of the main image

.ImageDeck chairs to hire for your comfort by the sea. “FILEY” East Yorkshire.

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